Ponzu and sambal oelek glazed catfish with cauliflower rice

Eric has signed up for the Blue Apron meal service, so over the next three days we are in for a treat! Tonight was Ponzu and sambal oelek glazed catfish, yum.

Pretty tasty looking, huh?

As for me, I decided now would be a good time to try out making cauliflower rice. Unfortunately my vitamix appears to be on its last legs, so I had to resort to using the cheese grader to make my cauliflower into more manageable pieces.

This was fairly quick and painless, however I felt like I wasted a hell of a lot of cauliflower. I imagine a food processor is much more efficient. I grated slightly less than one half a head of cauliflower.

Here I am taking some paper towels and squeezing all the water I can out of it. There was a surprising amount actually! You can kind of see the wet part on the paper towel in this picture.

To saute, I started with two tablespoons of kerrygold butter and warmed that up in a cast iron pan on medium. Once it was mostly melted I added one small clove of garlic minced. I just stirred that around the pan for about a minute, long enough for it to get fragrant. After that I added the cauliflower, stirring constantly. Also I added a  bit of salt and pepper. It started to steam a lot which I was hoping for. Once the cauliflower was the slightest bit brown I took it off the heat and tried some.

It was actually very good! Not overly cauliflowery tasting, with lots of nice garlic. It was also very similar in moistness to rice which was an unexpected bonus. The texture was not like rice but close enough to a rice like side I knew that it would go really well with tonight’s dinner.

Here is it all plated together. The catfish was so good, and the cauliflower rice was the perfect accompaniment. Funny story, my boyfriend didn’t like the rice that came with our meal and actually preferred my cauliflower rice! Because I was so stuffed I gave him what I couldn’t finish.

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