Starbucks Iced Lattes with heavy whipped cream

So I’ve been hearing online about people ordering lattes with all sorts of alternative milk choices. You can get full milk, half and half, or even heavy whipped cream!

Last week my boyfriend offered to pick something up for me and I asked for an iced latte with heavy whipping cream. He said they didn’t bat an eye at this order and just made it for him, lol. I guess it’s kind of like when you go tithe Doctor, they’ve already seen everything.

As for the latte itself, it was super rich. While the first sip was really good, even after a few it was already too much. I just felt so full drinking it. I only finished half of a grande.

i think I will try the half and half next. I already really like lattes with whole milk so we’ll see if this is a happy middle ground.

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