Tacos for breakfast!

One of the wonderful things about cooking for yourself is that you decide what to eat and when to eat it. Now I’ve always disliked breakfast. Something about the ubiquitous combination of eggs and fried potatoes never did it for me.

It always seemed strange to me that there was this huge difference between breakfast and every other meal of the day. Why? Why is it wrong to eat a salad in the morning? Even in other countries there isn’t such a string distinction between meals at different times of day.

Today I decided to take a stand. I had some ground beef I really needed to use up so I made some hamburger patties and some browned beef with taco seasoning. This added a few carbs but since it was only one per serving I thought it was worth it.

I used lettuce instead of tortillas and made myself some TexMex style tacos. The romaine lettuce that I used naturally forms a bit of a shell and worked well to make some long skinny tacos. I eat dairy so I chose to include sour cream and cheese but if you’re not guacamole is a tasty substitute. I also had some salsa which I threw on top.

These were perfect. Filling, tasty, and I have plenty left over for the next few days.

Once again I just have to talk about how full and satisfied I feel on this diet. I’m eating a good portion naturally and stopping when I feel full. I’m really starting to think that this low fat craze has done so much harm both to me personally and everyone in the western world. I used to think that if I wasn’t dieting constantly I would have blown up to a gargantuan size but now I wonder if it would have been better  if I never dieted at all?

While I haven’t been weighing myself I have noticed some other good changes. I really should take the time to take some measurements but I can tell already that my stomach is getting flatter. I also have tons more energy and I have even been working much harder recently.

That was my morning! Right now I’m planning to do a sort of experiment with cauliflower rice, to see if I can get it to a good sushi rice sort of consistency and taste. I plan on making several batches and using different amounts of cream cheese in each. It also occurs to me that it might be fun to do a little write up on supplementing electrolytes.

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