I’m thinking about designing a series of super simple meal plans

Okay, so this week I made about three hamburger patties, and a little less than a pound of taco meat. I then picked up lettuce, some fixings and basically had lunch and dinner for the next four days. I actually haven’t had all that many pictures to share as I’ve honestly been eating a lot of the same thing.

I am a little sick of tacos, not burgers for whatever reason, but it was super simple and I think that it’s helped me to stay true to my diet this week. I did go out a few times but I ate at home a lot more than usual, and a lot less fast food!

All of the meal plans that I’ve seen for keto have all these weird ingredients, weird dishes, or you have to cook using pretty advanced techniques. This in contrast is really easy and I think for people that aren’t that familiar with cooking this would be an awesome start.

I think I need to refine the amounts, and basically figure out how much to make for five days. I’m going to experiment a bit then try to come up with maybe a month’s worth of super simple meals that can be made in advance.

While this was kind of boring actually the funny thing is I’m on a kind of tomato kick and it made me really look forward to my burgers. I spent the money on a plump and beautiful looking heirloom tomato and it was so worth it. It lasted just about three days and was enough for my three burgers.

I guess that it goes to show that even a simple little thing like a topping you’re really into can make the same old stuff something to look forward to.

I’m fairly busy tomorrow but I think that I will have the time to do my rice experiments this weekend. Already I’ve played around a little bit and found out that the cooking method for your cauliflower rice has a HUGE impact on taste! Can not wait to try a bunch of different methods to find the one for me.


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