Simple coconut milk chia pudding

Yum! I haven’t had the chance to write this up yet but while searching for Shirataki noodles I also found some Chia seeds at the local coop. I thought this was an awesome find, only to find them at Costco for way cheaper a week later lol. Oh how I love Costco!

Whatever the avenue into my life, I’ve been obsessed with Chia seeds these past few days. Soaked in coconut milk they’re such an amazing texture, it’s like a decadent pudding without all the starchy thickeners. I’ve always hated eggs and potatoes for breakfast and mostly stuck to fruit and yogurt. This is way more appealing to me! I’ve even seen a few recipes for a kind of mock oatmeal using chia seeds and coconut flakes that looks really good.

Simple recipe above: Take 1 cup coconut milk and mix with 2 tablespoons of chia seeds. Leave overnight. Mix and serve in the morning. I personally like the unblended texture but you can also blend it for a silky smooth treat.

Starbucks Iced Lattes with heavy whipped cream

So I’ve been hearing online about people ordering lattes with all sorts of alternative milk choices. You can get full milk, half and half, or even heavy whipped cream!

Last week my boyfriend offered to pick something up for me and I asked for an iced latte with heavy whipping cream. He said they didn’t bat an eye at this order and just made it for him, lol. I guess it’s kind of like when you go tithe Doctor, they’ve already seen everything.

As for the latte itself, it was super rich. While the first sip was really good, even after a few it was already too much. I just felt so full drinking it. I only finished half of a grande.

i think I will try the half and half next. I already really like lattes with whole milk so we’ll see if this is a happy middle ground.

Ponzu and sambal oelek glazed catfish with cauliflower rice

Eric has signed up for the Blue Apron meal service, so over the next three days we are in for a treat! Tonight was Ponzu and sambal oelek glazed catfish, yum.

Pretty tasty looking, huh?

As for me, I decided now would be a good time to try out making cauliflower rice. Unfortunately my vitamix appears to be on its last legs, so I had to resort to using the cheese grader to make my cauliflower into more manageable pieces.

This was fairly quick and painless, however I felt like I wasted a hell of a lot of cauliflower. I imagine a food processor is much more efficient. I grated slightly less than one half a head of cauliflower.

Here I am taking some paper towels and squeezing all the water I can out of it. There was a surprising amount actually! You can kind of see the wet part on the paper towel in this picture.

To saute, I started with two tablespoons of kerrygold butter and warmed that up in a cast iron pan on medium. Once it was mostly melted I added one small clove of garlic minced. I just stirred that around the pan for about a minute, long enough for it to get fragrant. After that I added the cauliflower, stirring constantly. Also I added a  bit of salt and pepper. It started to steam a lot which I was hoping for. Once the cauliflower was the slightest bit brown I took it off the heat and tried some.

It was actually very good! Not overly cauliflowery tasting, with lots of nice garlic. It was also very similar in moistness to rice which was an unexpected bonus. The texture was not like rice but close enough to a rice like side I knew that it would go really well with tonight’s dinner.

Here is it all plated together. The catfish was so good, and the cauliflower rice was the perfect accompaniment. Funny story, my boyfriend didn’t like the rice that came with our meal and actually preferred my cauliflower rice! Because I was so stuffed I gave him what I couldn’t finish.

Tofu Shirataki Noodle review

So I’ve heard about these Shirataki noodles while doing research on Keto foods.  They are made from kelp and have either little or no carbs. They’re also packed in some notoriously foul smelling liquid which most people find pretty off putting, but I decided to check them out anyway. I hear they’re not at all like traditional Italian noodles and go a lot better in Asian dishes. So for tonight I am going to try them with Khao Soi.

Today I decided to pick some up at our local health food store. I wasn’t really sure where to find them but they are in the case next to the tofu. I actually decided to go for the tofu Shirataki noodles instead of the straight kelp ones. I got the angel hair kind but they also had fettuccine and spaghetti. I’ve heard of people using the Angel hair as a replacement for ramen noodles so I decided to try those.

Making these tonight was super easy. I first rinsed them really well in a colander in order to get most of the smelly water off. Then I simply put them in a pot of cold water and boiled them for a few minutes.

I made these for Khao Soi Gai, a spicy curry based noodle dish and they were really tasty in the sauce. They are very much like rice noodles but with a firmer texture. Almost with a vegetable like crunch? I don’t think that I will be using these in Italian dishes but there are tons of dishes I could see using these instead Pho, Vietnamese vermicelli noodle bowls, pad Thai, fresh spring rolls, etc. I think they be tasty in ramen but they’re really nothing like ramen noodles but I might just use them anyway. At least until I find a better tasting substitute that’s half as convenient.

One thing to note, I tried frying these and that did not work at all! They never got crispy and just sort of disintegrated. So that’s out.

Keto pizza update

This morning I made keto pizza again, this time with a simple salad to accompany it. I’ve never liked breakfast for whatever reason so this was awesome. This time, I think that I got the timing just right because it turned out AMAZING.

Now this isn’t the greatest picture but hopefully you can see the burnt crispy cheese on the edges of the pizza, as well at the toasted pepperoni. Yum! I actually forgot that I was eating a keto version and it just became pizza lol.

Again this was super filling and so quick to make. If you can fit low carb tortillas into your diet without any adverse effects I would highly recommend this.


Keto pizza and grocery shopping

Today to kickstart my diet I went grocery shopping. Usually I get too caught up in planning the perfect grocery list that maximizes the number of dishes with the same ingredients. This time I kept things simple. I basically picked three meals that I wanted to eat and bought ingredients to prepare those things. Ha! That’s probably what normal people do lol.

IMG_1264 (3)

Over the next few days I plan on making Keto pizza, and cauliflower nachos! The other was my go to meal of rotisserie chicken and fresh mozzarella. I would have also picked up some jalapeno stuffed olives to go along with those but the deli was out :(. In addition while at the grocery store I realized that I have all of the ingredients to make tacos with lettuce shells except for the lettuce itself so I added that to the cart. Boom! Four meals with almost zero effort.

When I got home I decided to just eat some of the chicken dipped in olive oil. Since chicken is so lean and I’ve had some trouble getting fat in the past I’ve looked up some tips on how to add fat. It was okay. I think that I would do it again as it kind of reminds me of dipping bread into olive oil and balsamic vinegar, but it wasn’t fantastic. I wasn’t blown away. In fact, I had some of the fresh mozzarella dipped in the olive oil and that was way better. I may try adding butter to my chicken next time and saving to olive oil for my cheese.

For dinner I made an easy keto pizza using a low carb tortilla. I actually made a gif to show you guys. Would have been way too many boring pictures to put in a row.


Once introduced to the concept I didn’t really need instructions to make this one. I basically heated up the tortilla on the stovetop then added all the fixings. Then I put it under the broiler to melt the cheese. In retrospect I probably could have left it a little longer to get the cheese and pepperoni more crispy, but I was worried about burning dinner.

This was surprisingly filling. eating one was enough for me, but you could easily pair this with a nice salad or some keto friendly hot wings.