Tofu Shirataki Noodle review

So I’ve heard about these Shirataki noodles while doing research on Keto foods. ¬†They are made from kelp and have either little or no carbs. They’re also packed in some notoriously foul smelling liquid which most people find pretty off putting, but I decided to check them out anyway. I hear they’re not at all like traditional Italian noodles and go a lot better in Asian dishes. So for tonight I am going to try them with Khao Soi.

Today I decided to pick some up at our local health food store. I wasn’t really sure where to find them but they are in the case next to the tofu. I actually decided to go for the tofu Shirataki noodles instead of the straight kelp ones. I got the angel hair kind but they also had fettuccine and spaghetti. I’ve heard of people using the Angel hair as a replacement for ramen noodles so I decided to try those.

Making these tonight was super easy. I first rinsed them really well in a colander in order to get most of the smelly water off. Then I simply put them in a pot of cold water and boiled them for a few minutes.

I made these for Khao Soi Gai, a spicy curry based noodle dish and they were really tasty in the sauce. They are very much like rice noodles but with a firmer texture. Almost with a vegetable like crunch? I don’t think that I will be using these in Italian dishes but there are tons of dishes I could see using these instead Pho, Vietnamese vermicelli noodle bowls, pad Thai, fresh spring rolls, etc. I think they be tasty in ramen but they’re really nothing like ramen noodles but I might just use them anyway. At least until I find a better tasting substitute that’s half as convenient.

One thing to note, I tried frying these and that did not work at all! They never got crispy and just sort of disintegrated. So that’s out.

Keto pizza update

This morning I made keto pizza again, this time with a simple salad to accompany it. I’ve never liked breakfast for whatever reason so this was awesome. This time, I think that I got the timing just right because it turned out AMAZING.

Now this isn’t the greatest picture but hopefully you can see the burnt crispy cheese on the edges of the pizza, as well at the toasted pepperoni. Yum! I actually forgot that I was eating a keto version and it just became pizza lol.

Again this was super filling and so quick to make. If you can fit low carb tortillas into your diet without any adverse effects I would highly recommend this.