Simple coconut milk chia pudding

Yum! I haven’t had the chance to write this up yet but while searching for Shirataki noodles I also found some Chia seeds at the local coop. I thought this was an awesome find, only to find them at Costco for way cheaper a week later lol. Oh how I love Costco!

Whatever the avenue into my life, I’ve been obsessed with Chia seeds these past few days. Soaked in coconut milk they’re such an amazing texture, it’s like a decadent pudding without all the starchy thickeners. I’ve always hated eggs and potatoes for breakfast and mostly stuck to fruit and yogurt. This is way more appealing to me! I’ve even seen a few recipes for a kind of mock oatmeal using chia seeds and coconut flakes that looks really good.

Simple recipe above: Take 1 cup coconut milk and mix with 2 tablespoons of chia seeds. Leave overnight. Mix and serve in the morning. I personally like the unblended texture but you can also blend it for a silky smooth treat.